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At the Gottesman RTW Academy, we believe that every Jewish child should have the gift of a day school education. The hallmark of our school is accessibility to the highest quality general and Judaic education for all Jewish families. As a community day school the Gottesman RTW Academy welcomes families from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds and levels of observance, reflecting the diversity of the American Jewish community today.


Our school offers several options based on your family’s income and circumstances:

S.E.P (Secure, Established, Predictable) TUITION

All students enrolling at Gottesman RTW Academy enter our new S.E.P. Tuition Plan.  S.E.P creates tuition predictability of up to 12 years for each student, and removes the uncertainty that currently surrounds future years’ tuition increases.  Every student entering a full-time program at the Gottesman Academy—as early as our two-year old class—will have their future years’ tuition schedule frozen at that year’s rate.  This is now our standard tuition agreement with no other commitments needed from the family.  In addition to the comfort and transparency that the S.E.P Tuition Program provides, the cost savings over a multi-year period are substantial compared to the average annual increase in tuition at other private schools.


Several programs fall under this umbrella, affiliated with the Greater MetroWest Day School Affordability Initiative.

Tuition Max Middle Income Cap - those who would not qualify for our tuition assistance program, but for whom the cost of a day school education is too great a financial burden. Through this program, tuition is “capped” for qualifying middle income families at 15% of AGI, and as low as 8%, depending on your income. The application process for Tuition Max is streamlined, and allows you to budget tuition for future years. Families whose income exceeds the threshold may qualify for the grant program if they have special circumstances, such as extraordinary medical expense

  • Families with children entering K-8 are eligible.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC).
  • Please see the Tuition MAX application for specifics on qualifying for this grant.
  • Our previous BASE GRANT program continues for families who have participated in this program in the past.

Tuition Max for Jewish Communal Professionals

Families with at least one Jewish Communal Professional parent will have a cap on their total tuition (including ECC tuition) of 10% of their AGI  

Tuition Max New Family Incentive

Any new family to the school is eligible for a Discover Gottesman Academy incentive of $1,000.  This is per family and applies to any family with a child in ECC2 and up who is enrolled at least ½ time.

Thanks to the extraordinary support and vision of our leading benefactors, Paula and Jerry Gottesman, the Gottesman RTW Academy has been one of the nation’s pioneers in day school affordability. Our Base Grant Tuition Program is a model frequently highlighted by national Jewish educational organizations. In 2006, the Gottesman family created a significant permanent endowment fund to support the Gottesman RTW Academy affordability program in perpetuity. Because of this generous gift, accessibility for all families is a part of our school culture, today and for future generations.


The school offers a generous assistance program for lower-income families. Applications are strictly confidential and handled with great dignity and compassion. The Tuition Assistance Program is supported through the school’s annual fundraising, including the Shomrei Torah Annual Campaign, the Scholarship Dinner Dance, the Auction and the schools Memorial Tree.

  • Tuition Assistance is designed for families whose income falls below the levels applicable for the Base Grant and who require a lower tuition than is offered by the Base Grant.
  • Families with children entering K-8 are eligible.
  • Parents are required to enroll or register their children and provide financial information before the TAC will considers their request. Assistance is based upon need and available funds.
  • Returning families must submit their Registration and Tuition Assistance forms by the early registration deadline in order to receive the maximum amount of aid for which they are eligible, as TAC gives first preference to returning families. Returning families submitting their applications late risk receiving something less than the maximum amount of aid for which they are eligible.

Early Childhood Center - families who need financial assistance can apply for partial scholarships through the Brandt and Jacobs Funds.

Which Program is Right for Me?


Determine Your AGI
You can find your Adjusted Growth Income (AGI) on Line 37 of your IRS 1040 Form.

My AGI is less than $110,000
Click here to apply for Tuition Assistance (TAC).

My AGI is between $110,000 and $275,000 (or it is higher but we have extenuating circumstances)
Click here to apply for Tuition Max.
(Those who have previously received our Base Grant are grandfathered into that program. Click here to apply.)

At least one parent is a Jewish Communal Professional
Click here to apply for Tuition Max.

My child is in the Early Childhood Center
Click here to apply for an ECC Grant.

All financial disclosure information provided for either assistance program is held in confidence.

GRTWA subscribes to the principles of fair Practice for the Administration of Financial Aid as outlined by NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools.)

Tuition Assistance, TUITION MAX, and Base Grant Application deadline is February 15th

For more information on these programs, please review attached information or call Sue Och, Director of Finance, at 973-584-5530, ext. 3010.


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